Lancelot Du Lac | OPEN.

All Lancelot ever wanted was to be a knight of Camelot but his lack of noble blood meant he should have never earned the title. When he first came to Camelot Merlin forged his nobility and Lancelot proceeded to contend in the hope of becoming an honourable knight. However the ruse was quickly discovered and Lancelot was banished from Camelot. Lancelot returned to the life of a wanderer and thought he’d never see any of his friends from Camelot again. And then Gwen was kidnapped and thrust back into Lancelot’s life. Being the brave man that he was, Lancelot sought to save Gwen and the two grew even closer than they were before he left. When Prince Arthur came to Gwen’s rescue Merlin revealed Arthur’s true feelings for Gwen and Lancelot left, so as not to be in competition with the prince he so admired.

When Morgana stole the throne from Uther Lancelot returned to Arthur’s side to help fight off her immortal army. It was during this war that Arthur knighted Lancelot and the wanderer finally got his wish. He was a knight of Camelot. He quickly became Arthur’s most trusted knight and this title was just proved to be rightfully earned when Lancelot sacrificed his life for Arthur and gave himself up to repair the torn veil between the worlds. When Morgana heard of Arthur and Gwen’s engagement she resurrected Lancelot so that Gwen would cheat on Arthur. Her plan succeeded and afterwards Merlin returned Lancelot to his death.

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